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Working moms don’t often catch a break. Between all the tasks associated with managing a career and a home, they don’t get much time to themselves and, when they do, it can be hard to even relax. However, while we can’t make any of your responsibilities go away, we can make it easier to get things done. From breastfeeding to making meals and more, these are the products every working mom needs in her arsenal.

The Fifth Trimester Book

Once you’re past those newborn days and the time to return to work draws near, it can truly feel like a harsh turning point in the journey of parenthood. From leaving your baby for the first time to figuring out how to juggle tasks at home after a long day at work, it’s a challenge for everyone—from partners to older children, not to mention mom. Luckily, it’s one you don’t have to face alone.

The Fifth Trimester is the working mom’s best friend—a complete guide for how to tackle all the demands real life throws at you after your baby is born. Packed with candid interviews and tips from other working mothers, it’s the guide any new mom needs, just an Amazon order away.

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Medela On The Go

Whether you work from home or need to go into the office, the reality is that you’ll need to pump at some point and you probably won’t have the time to do it uninterrupted. A great breast pump is key for all new mothers, but one that’s designed to be taken on the go is even more crucial for working moms.

The Medela On The Go breast pump is not just a pump, but a complete kit that comes with everything you need to comfortably pump on the go with ease. The pump’s special technology works to help you expel more milk in less time, and also uses two shields at once so you can truly make the most of your pumping time. Complete with a cooler, ice packs, and travel tote, this really is the complete breastfeeding kit that you can take anywhere with ease.

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Disposable Nursing Pads

Though accidents happen, most mothers would be mortified to find that they had a leak after an at-work pumping session. Whether you’re at the office or just out and about, a nursing pad can help to prevent leaking and stains from occurring, whether you’ve just finished pumping or went a little too long without doing so.

These pads are disposable, so they can easily be removed and reapplied no matter where you are. Designed to be super soft and comfortable, they also have adhesive strips to make sure they stay right where you want them to and don’t wrinkle throughout the day.

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Nursing Tank

Whether you’re with your baby to nurse or at work and need to pump, it’s no secret that “regular” clothes can make the job harder than it needs to be. Not only can your normal bras and shirts be difficult to adjust or remove when it’s time to feed or pump, but they can also make you uncomfortable throughout the day.

Enter the perfect nursing tank. With a soft built-in bra, this top will become a go-to garment whether you’re at the office or running errands. Designed to be ultra soft and comfortable, it’s easy to remove and secure the straps before and after feeding or pumping sessions, and discreet enough that no one will ever know it’s not an ordinary tank. On chillier days, layer it underneath this nursing cardigan, perfect for wearing to the office or special events to make feeding and pumping easier.

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Instant Pot

Let’s not forget about feeding yourself and the rest of the family. If you tend to be in charge when it comes to meal time, it’s time to get creative in order to secure yourself some down time after getting home from work. To make dinner prep just a little easier, let your kitchen tools do the heavy lifting for you.

The Instant Pot is a combination of a pressure cooker and slow cooker. You can either pop your ingredients in before work and let the meal cook low and slow all day, or you can chuck something in when you return home and use the pressure cooker function to have it ready in less than an hour. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even give homemade baby food a try with its steamer function.

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GalShopper – Shopping Organizer

Speaking of meal prep, shopping after having a baby—whether you bring them along for the fun or not—comes with its own set of challenges. There are coupons to keep track of, grocery lists to not only make, but also to bring along, and the ultimate task of keeping everything you need organized while you shop.

The GalShopper makes it all easy, though, by keeping everything you need for your shopping trip in one place, allowing you to browse and select items hands free. Complete with a pen holder, notepad for your shopping list, a clip to hold coupons, and even a space for your smartphone, it will truly revolutionize the way you stroll the aisles for groceries.

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Play & Go Bag

If you’ve got older kids as well as a new baby, we’re sure that you’ve had to ask for their help more than once when it comes to making sure their toys are out of the way. It’s especially important to keep smaller toys like LEGOs off of the floor once your baby is more mobile since small pieces can be dangerous when they get into the wrong little hands—or, rather, once those little hands decide to shove one of those tiny pieces in their mouth.

Whether it’s LEGO pieces or another array of small toys, make cleanup and storage simple with the Play & Go Bag. It’s designed to open into a toy basket that can be moved anywhere and, once kids are done playing, pieces cab be thrown back inside before the bag gets cinched up. The bag is easy to take anywhere and also easy to store, eliminating the need for bulky play tables or toy buckets.

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Depuffing & Energizing Eyemasks

You may not have time to hit the spa as a new mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home. When the stress of parenthood has gotten to you and, unfortunately, starts showing on your face, you can give your skin a quick boost with an easy eye mask treatment.

Packed with collagen, rose oil, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, these eye gels are simple to apply and pack a noticeable punch. Just apply to the under-eye area for 15 to 20 minutes, then peel off and bask in the glow of your smooth and de-puffed under-eye skin.

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