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Packing everything your kids need while you’re out of the house can seem challenging. Not only do you have to make sure the essentials are packed, but you also need to find a way to actually bring it all along without toting three different bags. Thankfully, it can be easier than you think.

From snacks to games, toys, and more, here are the best things to pack for your kids while on the go, and some of the most stylish and efficient options for keeping it all organized.

Diaper Bags

A great diaper bag is key when it comes to making sure you have everything you need when you’re out and about. However, there’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to what works best, because every mom has different needs and preferences when it comes to what works for her and her family.

Waterproof Large Capacity Diaper Bag Backpack

If you’re not into a messenger style diaper bag, a backpack might be more your speed. Easy to wear and surprisingly stylish, this bag is not only affordable, but also gives you all the room you need for anything you or your kiddos might require throughout the day. Complete with several interior pockets and even an insulated compartment, it comes in several fun colors to suit any style.

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For a chic backpack that can go from diaper bag to purse and back again, there’s also this vegan leather option from The Honest Company.

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MAMAN Diaper Bag 

If you’re tired of carrying multiple bags each time you leave the house—a purse for you and a diaper bag for baby—you’ll be pleased to know there’s an option for you that combines both in style. Designed by moms for moms, MAMAN bags look like a more traditional purse, but give you the room and organizational qualities of a diaper bag. With 10 pockets, water- and stain-proof material, and a matching changing pad, this bag will become your new go-to.

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This tote also offers the same purse-like style with designated sections for both mom and baby’s stuff. For the mom who absolutely refuses to sacrifice her personal style when it comes to carrying a diaper bag, there’s also this ultra chic and luxurious leather option from Rebecca Minkoff.

12-Piece Pack Right Travel and Day Care Diaper Bag

Whether you’re packing the essentials for daycare or need to make sure you have all baby’s go-tos for a longer trip, this kit has everything essential to make it happen. Complete with a tote-style diaper bag, insulated food and bottle bags, pouches for bibs and outfits, laundry bags, and more, it’s got everything you could possibly require to make sure baby is well cared for on the road or when they’re in someone else’s care.

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Taking the kids out of the house is inevitable—no matter how much they’d like to keep playing with their favorite toys at home. That said, keeping them entertained on the go is essential. It can be the difference between a family calamity in the grocery store aisles store and being able to shop peacefully while they’re distracted.

O Ball Gift Set

This set is full of eye-catching toys that your baby won’t be able to put down once they get their hands on them. Durable, colorful, and easy to clean, the set is a synch to pack for trips out of the house so you can pull them out whenever your baby needs something to keep them occupied.

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Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Water-Reveal Activity Pads

Most kids love to sit down with a good coloring book, put paint and markers aren’t exactly great for packing in the car unless you’re 100 percent fine with there being a giant mess in the backseat by the time you get home. For clean fun that has the same vibe as a coloring session, this set uses a pen filled with nothing but water to reveal images that disappear from the page once it dries so they can be used over and over again. The pen can be emptied before travel and filled up with water once you arrive at your destination or even used in the car. If anything spills, it’s just water so it won’t necessitate any cleanup.

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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Sometimes it’s just not enough to give your child any old toy to keep their attention. For these moments, something with lights and sounds might be what you need to help keep them fully engaged. This musical toy not only sings and lights up, but also comes with different colored beads they can fidget with while they play.

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VTech Peek and Play Baby Book

Textures can also play a big role in keeping your child focused on and interested in a particular toy. Even if your kiddos aren’t old enough to read just yet, this colorful, musical book is made of soft pages filled with crinkly material that’ll engage all of their senses as they play. It even comes with a handy ring so you can attach it to their car seat handle. They can play with it as they sit in the car and you won’t have to worry about it getting tossed or dropped.

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Something Soothing

As much as you plan to keep your child happily entertained while you’re out of the house, sometimes it just won’t go your way. For those moments, it’s essential to have their favorite soothing items in your arsenal to keep tantrums and fussiness at bay.


For younger kids, the WubbaNub is every parent’s dream. In addition to being a pacifier, the WubbaNub is also a soothing stuffed animal that can accompany your child during the day. The stuffed toy is adorable and makes it easier for baby to grab and adjust their pacifier as they need to.

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Taggies Sherbet Lamb Character Blanket

Part toy and part blanket, the sherbet lamb is a soft stuffed animal that will keep your child cozy during car rides, naps, and more. There are also plenty of fun, colorful tags around the edges to give them something to hold onto and play with. The best part is that the entire thing can be tossed in the washing machine when it’s in need of a rinse.

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aden by aden + anais Stroller Blanket

Especially when it’s cold outside, having something to keep your child protected from harsh weather is important. In addition to keeping them warm and cozy  during nap time, a good stroller blanket can be used to cover them up to protect them from extreme cold and wind.

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Marpac Hushh For Baby Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Babies and young kids can be finicky sleepers, and it’s not always easy to get them to rest when you’re away from home. Whether you’re in a hotel or staying with relatives during a vacation, a white noise machine can make all the difference when it comes to helping your kids stay well rested. The sound will help to drown out random noises, affording them—and you—a sound sleep.

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Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

Teething isn’t a fun experience for little ones, and it can be difficult to provide them with the relief they need. To not only give them something to gnaw on, but also help massage their teeth and gums, try this fun banana baby toothbrush. The soft silicone bristles will feel great on their sore gums and even help them develop good oral hygiene practices at a young age.

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What’s the best and maybe one of the most important parts of any road trip or day out of the house? Great snacks. Make sure you’re always well stocked to ensure your kids are full and happy whenever you’re out of the house.

GoGo squeeZ Pouches

Traditional applesauce containers also make for a good snack, but they’re not super travel friendly when they still require a spoon to eat. These squeezable applesauce packets are great for tossing in the diaper bag to take on the go, and are easy for kids to eat on their own.

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Munchkin 2 Piece Snack Catchers

Taking bags and boxes of snacks in the car isn’t exactly ideal when it comes to the space they take up. However, putting things like chips and crackers in plastic bags is basically asking your kids to throw them around and make a mess. These plastic snack containers are not only easy for kids to hold, but also keep everything contained so there won’t be any spills, even if they’re dropped.

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Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill Grip N’ Sip Cups

Drinks are even worse than snacks when it comes to spills, and there are many different cups that definitely aren’t as spill-proof as they claim to be. These sippy cups are designed to be easy to hold so dropping them happens less often, and are also designed not to leak. The tip mimics that of a bottle, so kids need to have them in their mouths to get the liquid out, meaning you can rest assured that your car and bag will stay spill-free.

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Organization Systems

Whether it’s a trip in the car or in the stroller, you’ll likely have a lot of stuff with you when taking your kids out of the house. To ensure that you not only have what you need, but also that it’s easy to access, keeping it all organized is the key to a successful trip.

The Mommy Hook

Strollers tend to become a sort of catch-all for anything you’re carrying at the time, and they can easily become overloaded. The Mommy Hook can make it easier to use your stroller for holding bags, whether it’s your purse and diaper bag or even groceries. The ultra strong, oversized carabiner hooks onto the stroller so you can hook bags onto it instead of stuffing them wherever there’s space, meaning everything’s easier to access.

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Diaper Bag Organizer Insert

If you enjoy the diaper bag you have but find that it doesn’t have enough compartments to keep things where you want them, you don’t need to run out and get a new one. Instead, keep the bag you have organized better with an insert that will ensure your stuff is separated according to your unique logic. It can also be inserted into virtually any bag or purse for a makeshift diaper bag in a pinch.

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Mom’s Besty Back Seat Organizer

When taking older kids on the road, you know quite a few things are going to be brought along to make the trip enjoyable. From tablets to snacks, drinks, and more, keep it all organized in the car with a backseat organizer. Just hook it over the back of your front seat and they’ll have everything they need right within reach.

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BRICA goPad Diaper Changer

Parents of younger kids know they can’t always rely on public restrooms to have a changing table—either that, or they might not feel comfortable using the one they find. Whether there isn’t one, it’s not in good shape, or it doesn’t seem hygienic, keeping a changing pad in your car or diaper bag will make changing a diaper anywhere easier. This version is not only padded for comfort, but even includes a space for small bags that allows you to store the dirty diapers until you can toss them.

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