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We all know someone who’s got a slight obsession with plaid—in this case, maybe it’s you. There’s something about the cold weather and winter months that makes the pattern that much more appealing, but there are only so many times in a week you can wear your favorite flannel without someone wondering if you own any other clothes. When it gets to that point, you have to start getting your plaid fix some other way.

If you’re looking for a way to pack more of your favorite pattern into your life, we’ve got you covered. From clothes and accessories to decor for the whole home, here are the best plaid pieces to add to your collection.

Head to Toe

C.C Pom Pom Buffalo Plaid Beanie Hat

When the cold weather really hits, you’ll need something more than just a sheer beanie to help keep warm. However, picking out the perfect hat means finding one that’ll go with every outfit—the perfect mix of cozy and stylish.

This chunky knit beanie is the perfect warm accessory you can wear anytime. The black-and-white plaid pattern stands out while still being somewhat neutral, making this a hat you can reach for all season long.

Blanket Scarf

Whether you’re heading outdoors or just trying to get a little more bundled up inside, a scarf can do the trick. You can even use one to add a pop of plaid to any plain outfit for a fun touch.

This scarf is soft and cozy, designed to feel just like your favorite blanket. Perfect for keeping yourself warm around the house, at the office, or just while running errands, you can bundle it up as a thick scarf or wear it all day long as a shawl.

Plaid Ruffle Shirt

Your ordinary plaid flannel isn’t really the best choice for most people to wear to the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the pattern you love into your professional attire.

This plaid ruffle shirt is toned down enough to wear to work, but still gives you a touch of the plaid you need. There’s also this top that combines more of a traditional plaid pattern with a neutral color scheme. However, for more casual days, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional tartan plaid shirt.

Quilted Plaid Puffer Vest

On days when it’s not too cold but you still want a light extra layer, a vest is the perfect way to top off your outfit. Whether you’re going on an evening walk or getting dressed for a casual holiday party, this plaid vest will complete any cold weather look.

This vest is complete with pockets, sleek black piping, and a zipper so it can be worn open or zipped up depending on the weather. Layer it over a button-down shirt or a sweater for a cute and casual winter look.

kensie Plaid Blanket Coat

Finding a winter jacket that’s both warm and affordable can be quite the challenge. Even more difficult? Finding a coat that fits your style and is still durable enough to keep out the wind and cold.

This mohair coat is the best of all three worlds—affordable, super cozy, and stylish enough to wear everyday. The wool-blend material will keep you nice and toasty, and the standing collar will help to keep the icy wind off your neck on gusty days. For a shorter jacket option, this wool bomber will give you the same feel without as much weight.

Family Plaid Pajama Set

Taking family photos or just want matching outfits for a fun family event? These plaid pajamas are not only great for everyday use, but you can find an option for everyone in the family to wear—even the family dog!

From pajama tops and bottoms to slippers and nightgowns, there’s something for everyone in this set. Get them as a matching holiday gift for the whole family, or buy them for a fun family movie night.

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants probably aren’t a style choice many of us think about often, but we’ve found the perfect pair for any plaid lover.

The plaid pattern is subtle and neutral, making these pants perfect to wear into the office. They can be dressed up or down depending on the day with a plain t-shirt, cozy sweater, or solid button-up.

Glitzy Shoes

You might think of casual sneakers when you think of plaid shoes, but that’s not the only option. These fun heels combine a classic tartan plaid pattern with fun sequin details for a shoe that’s truly special.

Perfect for any holiday party or your next gathering in fall or winter, these shoes are best paired with a neutral outfit so they can really shine. Match them with a black pencil skirt and white sweater for a classic outfit with a bright pop.

Moccasin Slippers

Walking around barefoot in the warmer months is great, but keeping something on your feet is pretty much a necessity in the winter. Socks can do the trick, but you’ll need something a little more heavy duty on the most frigid days.

These slippers are super cute and cozy, perfect for keeping your feet warm in the winter thanks to their plush lining. They also have a hard sole, so you can keep them on even when taking out the dog (or the trash).

Around The House

Door Mat

If you really want to show off your love of all things plaid, why not alert your guests to it before they even step foot inside your home?

This door mat will help keep dirt and debris outside where it belongs, all while adding a fun pop of color to your entryway. Though it’s perfect to put out during the holiday season, it’s also a great year-round addition to any home with more rustic decor.


Whether it’s on your couch or in your favorite chair, you can’t have too many cushy pillows in your space. This pillow combines a classic plaid pattern with more neutral colors, making the perfect piece that can fit into virtually any style of decor.

This pillow can stand out on its own, or be mixed in with other patterns for a fun display on your couch. Perfect for both rustic and classic styles, or anything in between, this pillow will add a homey touch to any room it’s in.

Plaid Sherpa Blanket

Like pillows, it’s hard to have too many blankets in your home, especially during the cold weather months. However, many people tend to buy blankets based on their look as opposed to how warm they are.

This plaid blanket is both cute and cozy, thanks to the micro-fleece material on one side and the Sherpa material on the other. It’s perfect for draping across the couch as a throw, and even warm enough to be used in bed.

Dish Towels

When decking your halls for the holidays, the magic lies in all of the fun little details throughout your home. For an unexpected touch of holiday cheer, these plaid dish towels are just what you need.

From a reindeer decal to a classic red plaid pattern, these towels will make your kitchen a little more festive, whether you actually use them or just put them out on display. The set includes five towels for under $10, making it a deal that really can’t be beat.

Coffee Mugs

When you have guests over for the holidays, it’s a great time to break out some special serving pieces to really embody the holiday spirit. However, these plaid mugs are year-round perfection for any true plaid lover.

Make your morning coffee feel that much more special around the holidays or anytime. They’re not only fun, but thick and durable, meaning your coffee will stay hot as you chat with friends or just catch up on social media in the morning.

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