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For some of us, buying a new calendar or planner is the best time of the year. The pages are blank slates, ready to be filled with anniversaries, birthdays, schedules, and notes, keeping our work and social lives organized.

Making the best use out of your planner or calendar, though, comes down to finding one with a layout that works for you. Here are 2018’s cutest planners for your desk, the wall, and taking on the go.

Day Planners

Erin Condren Lifeplanner

If you’re looking for a planner that’s as sturdy as a book but is still delicate in its design, the Lifeplanner from Erin Condren is the perfect match for you—especially if you’re constantly on the go. With two different sizes and multiple designs to choose from, you’re sure to find an option you love.

This 12-month planner also contains a variety of other pages to organize your thoughts and goals, or just to doodle in. The sleek design, gorgeous patterns, and fun pages will have you excited about staying organized on the daily.

bloom Vision Planner

If you’re looking to go beyond just planning out your day-to-day tasks and activities, the bloom Vision Planner can help you do just that. It gives you the space to jot down all of your ideas and goals for the year, and even helps you take the real-life steps to accomplish them.

From finances to work, school, and even personal growth, this planner will prompt you to reflect on your goals each month, making sure you don’t lose sight of anything just because it’s not the beginning of a new year. However, it’s still perfect for daily use with a full calendar and weekly task pages.

Classic Moleskine Planner

For some, the perfect planner is simple and straightforward, without any colors and frills. Thankfully, one does exist, and it’s made by none other than Moleskine.

The brand is known for its sleek, simple designs and this planner is no different. Each week has a page for appointments and meetings on the left and a page for jotting down random notes on the right. Complete with a back pocket and time zone and international measurement charts, this is the perfect planner for students and teachers alike.

Rose Gold Mini Planner

Some people aren’t too keen on toting around a big planner to write down every small detail, and that’s fine. For the minimalists out there, a mini planner might be just what you need to track appointments and write down notes as you go.

However, don’t think that this planner can’t handle more than a few notes if it needs to. Complete with weekly pages and a monthly calendar, this really is a full-sized planner in a compact book.

Wall Calendars

Rifle Paper Co. Floral Appointment Calendar

Rifle Paper Co. is well known for combing aesthetics and function, and it’s apparent when you look at this stunning calendar. However, it’ll do more than just help you keep track of what day it is.

Each calendar page features a section for notes so you can keep track of special dates and appointments while enjoying the space to jot down tasks and reminders. Every page also features a beautiful floral design that’ll have you waiting in anticipation for the big flip to the next month.

Dry Erase Calendar

If your schedule changes often, you may find it pretty pointless to write it out on paper. Whether you’re a busy mom or a frequent traveler, it may seem useless to even have a calendar, knowing any appointment you pencil in may eventually change.

If this sounds like you, a dry erase calendar is just what you need to keep track of appointments while being able to change them at a moment’s notice. It’s also easy to hang anywhere, so it can be for personal use or serve as a hub for family appointments and events.

Navy Stripe Wall Calendar

There are those out there who want a wall calendar that’s just that—no special designs and no frills. Though they can be hard to find, this striped wall calendar fits the bill, combining a minimalistic design with a classic calendar layout.

The navy stripes and gold lettering add a simple element of style, but nothing that detracts from the functionality of the calendar. It’s also complete with a notes section along the side for grocery lists, reminders, and more.

Do It All Mom Calendar

Are you a busy mom who’s not only keeping track of herself, but her entire family? If so, we think you’ll be pleased to know that it can actually be pretty easy with the right (adorable, magnetic) tools.

This calendar was made specifically for moms, and it makes scheduling events for the whole family a breeze. With lots of space to write, stickers to mark events and appointments, and even pockets for keeping notes and receipts, this planner will help moms who do it all do even more with ease.

Desk Calendars

A Year of Yoga Page-A-Day Calendar

Looking to get a little more fit and toned as part of your resolutions for the new year? You can do that and keep track of the date with this fun yoga desk calendar.

Each day, you’ll tear away the previous day’s page to reveal a new yoga pose to try. Each page is complete with a picture and full instructions on how to achieve the pose, and you’ll even find motivational quotes tucked in there, too.

Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. It’s actually a great way to relieve stress that’s become more and more popular over the years—in fact, the concept has even made its way into calendars.

This calendar comes with 365 black-and-white pages that you can color as the day goes by. Place it on your desk at work to give yourself a fun break, or use it at home as a screen-free activity for your kids.


Ready, Set, Happy! Day-to-Day Calendar

Week in and week out, many of us put our heads down and work all day, not remembering to check in with our selves, our lives, or our feelings. Thankfully, this calendar can be the encouragement we all need to make sure we’re happy each and every day, or at least putting in the work to discover what our happiness looks like.

Each page of this day-to-day calendar encourages you to draw and write, marking down your recent accomplishments, feelings, thoughts, and more. It’ll not only help you become more aware of your own state of mind, but also the quality of your life as a whole.


Today Is Going to Be a Great Day! Page-A-Day Calendar

Lots of people opt for desk calendars that provide them with a daily inspirational quote to help them get through the day. However, why force yourself to push through a day that starts off on the wrong side of bed when you can begin with the belief that it’ll be great?

This daily calendar will be your personal cheerleader, providing you with a simple and uplifting quote each day. Not only that, but every page features a fun and colorful illustration to really bring the joy and whimsy to your daily life.


Marbled Easel Desk Calendar

If you’re into desk calendars but not the idea of remembering to tear away a page every day, this sleek and stylish calendar will be a welcome addition to your desktop.

Each month gets its own page, so you only have to change out a page when a new month rolls around. On every page, you’ll find a simple but pretty marbled design. Each month has its own color to help keep things interesting.