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For some people, getting a good sweat sesh in is easy—it’s finding the energy to fix your hair and makeup afterward that’s the hard part. Not anymore, though.

You’ve seen the video; now it’s time to try it yourself. With these products and just a few minutes of your day, you’ll have everything you need to get ready easily, even after the toughest workout.

Hanging Toiletry Organizer

The first step in making sure you can easily freshen up after your workout is having something to keep all of your essentials in. Sure, you could just toss everything into your gym bag, but the key to making the routine easy is to ensure that all of your essentials are well organized.

This hanging organizer will keep everything you need all in one place, and exactly where you want it to be, too. Put makeup in one pocket, hair products in another—this organizer is large enough to hold all of your essentials, even full-sized products. The top hook makes it easy to hang up at home, so all you have to do is roll it up with your essential products inside before you head out the door.


Folding Handle Hair Dryer

It definitely feels like a nice touch when gyms leave hair dryers out for their members to use, but it’s not so convenient when they’re all taken. Not to mention that many gyms don’t include them in their locker rooms, meaning you’re out of luck if you need to dry off quickly or dry your hair after a shower.



This foldable hair dryer is not only affordable, but it’ll come in handy when you need to get dry fast after a particularly sweaty workout. It’s super lightweight and can be stored easily pretty much anywhere—from your car to your gym bag or your desk—thanks to its folding design.


Detox Dry Shampoo

Unless you’re a dedicated morning exerciser, there’s a good chance you don’t wake up early enough to get in both a workout and a full shower that includes washing your hair. Thankfully, while giving your body a rinse in one way or another is pretty important, now it’s easy to freshen up your hair without getting it wet.

The Detox Dry Shampoo from Drybar is the best the world of dry shampoo has to offer. This version features the fresh scents of sandalwood, violet, and musk that’ll leave your hair with a light, clean smell that’s not too overpowering or artificial. This dry shampoo was also formulated with fine rice powder to soak up oil without leaving residue in your hair, and it contains golden root extract to provide a boost of moisture that most dry shampoos lack.


Renewing Argan Oil Spray

Whether your hair needs a boost of moisture or you need help taming flyaways after your workout, a good dose of argan oil will get the job done. However, when you’re applying it to dry hair, putting too much in one spot can easily lead to greasy patches that just won’t look great.

To make sure you can give your dry hair a little moisture easily, try this Renewing Argan Oil Spray. Unlike serums or creams, the spray bottle will allow you to evenly mist the oil onto the ends of your hair or wherever else you need it, so one spot doesn’t end up with too much oil. Just spray and then lightly tousle your hair for a smooth, glossy, and healthy look in seconds.


Cleansing Facial Wipes 

Cleaning all of the sweat and dirt off your face post-workout is crucial, but it’s a step that some people might skip. Once any sweat on your face has dried, it can be easy to forget that it was there in the first place, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on your skin anymore.

To cleanse your skin after a workout without bringing along an entire arsenal of products, opt for a simple makeup-removing wipe instead. These wipes from Simple Kind are great for anyone with sensitive skin, and are packed with vitamin E and vitamin B5 to leave your skin glowing and looking healthy with just a few swipes.


True Match Super-Blendable Concealer

Unless you’re used to applying a full face of makeup everyday, you might not have the energy to do so after a workout. However, sometimes you just need a little coverage, whether it’s because your workout has you looking (and feeling) a little tired, or you have a blemish or two.

To give your skin a little coverage without lugging all the makeup you own to the gym, make sure to have a tube of concealer on hand. This Super-Blendable Concealer from L’Oreal Paris goes on easily and blends seamlessly. Just add a swipe under each eye or a dot over any blemish and tap with your finger or a makeup sponge for just the right amount of coverage and color correction.


SkinClearing Mineral Powder

If you’re someone who likes a little more coverage than concealer alone can provide, but you still don’t want to pack an entire makeup bag for the gym, a press powder compact will be your new best friend.

This SkinClearing Mineral Powder from Neutrogena not only provides the extra coverage you want, but it’s also enhanced with minerals and salicylic acid to help tame and prevent breakouts. The formula was designed to help keep your skin’s oil production under control without over-drying your skin in the process, giving you smooth-looking skin without any peeling or flaking.


Retractable Kabuki Brush

If you’re looking to put on some makeup quickly between finishing your workout and heading into the office, you’re not going to want to spend time applying multiple products with multiple brushes. For a quick and simple look, one brush is all you’ll need, and this one will definitely become your go-to.

Whether it’s pressed powder, some blush, or even bronzer, this retractable Kabuki Brush is great for applying makeup quickly and evenly. Unlike your other brushes, this one can also retract and has a cap so you can easily throw it into your purse or gym bag without worrying about it making a mess.


Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Sometimes, the key to taking your look from tired to fresh is all about making your eyes pop. Sure, you can always add a simple coat of mascara, but making sure your eyelashes are perfectly curled before you do so can make them stand out even more.

This Rose Gold Eyelash Curler is not only beautiful—it’s also easy to use and delivers results. It’s designed to apply even pressure to every single one of your lashes so they all get perfectly curled every time. Thanks to the pads on the bottom of the curler, you’ll get the voluminous look you want without any tugging, pulling, or broken eyelashes.


Benefit Roller Lash Travel Mascara

In the past, ladies often relied on old-fashioned hair rollers to give their hair the bounce and volume they loved. It’s this very idea that inspired the best-selling Benefit Roller Lash, and the wand even has a roller for a handle to prove it.

The wand features tons of super-fine bristles that are designed to separate and coat each and every lash for extra volume. The formula also contains serin and provitamin B5, both of which are known to condition and lengthen lashes. All of these benefits are packed into a convenient, travel-sized mascara that we guarantee you’ll never want to leave the house without.


Brow Stylist Definer Pencil and Brush

If you’re a fan of a super-defined, bold brow, you know that it takes a lot of effort and a few different products to achieve the look. Thankfully, on days when you need to get your brows on quickly, Brow Stylist from L’Oreal Paris has everything you need to get the job done in a single tool.

On one end, you’ll find a super-fine pencil, great for drawing on defined lines and filling in the brows with hair-like strokes. On the other, there’s a spooled brush for blending out your work to create a look that’s softened just enough, but still remains sharp and bold.

With just one product and a minute or two, you’ll be able to complete your look and get on with your day after hitting the gym.