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While we can’t help you when it comes to cooking up your family’s Christmas meal, we can help when it comes to prepping for it. Whether your Christmas feast is cooked from scratch or not, you can serve it in style with these festive picks that’ll make for a fun holiday table.

Create Your Centerpiece

Glass and Brass Candle Holder

Many people think centerpieces need to be super elaborate and ornate, but that’s actually not the case. Something simple is stunning, and we think this candle holder fits the bill.

The piece can be used as-is, or you can place some extra decorations inside, like pine cones or a piece of pine garland. After the festivities are over, it’ll make a great addition to your mantle or any other room in your home all year long.

Reindeer Tea Light Holders

If you’re into a more fun and festive style for your table, you can achieve the look without your decor being too gaudy.

These reindeer tea light holders are the perfect touch for anyone who wants their holiday dinner table to really embody the Christmas spirit. You can create a display of all six reindeer for a cute centerpiece, or place them throughout the house for a fun touch in every room.

Embroidered Table Runner

If a big centerpiece isn’t really your thing, you can still create a focal point on your table without having any decorations out.

This simple table runner adds a little something extra to your table without being too over the top. It’ll serve as a great backdrop for your holiday feast, letting the food on your table be the real star of the show.

Make Serving Simple

Round Wood and Wire Tray

Whether you’re passing appetizers around or just looking for a pretty display for your spread, having the right serving tray can take even plain ol’ cheese and crackers to the next level.

This wood serving tray is excellent for passing, as the wire on the outer edges will keep everything contained on the inside. However, it can also be used as a stationary space for drinks, condiments, or snacks that guests can reach for throughout the night or during the meal.

Divided Serving Bowl

Though this serving bowl will be a great addition to your holiday parties, it will become a staple piece that you’ll turn to during any get-together you host as well.

The cream-colored bowl is not only beautiful, but makes simple work of serving things like chips or veggies with dip. Because it’s only one piece, it’s also great for snacks and appetizers that you plan to pass around the party.

Bread Warmer and Basket

No holiday dinner is complete without a basket of fresh rolls, but keeping them warm can be hard. Especially when you bring them from the kitchen to the table, they can get cold pretty quickly so diners aren’t truly eating them at their best.

This basket and warmer combo gives you everything you need to serve up warm bread or rolls straight out of the oven. The stone gets hot in the oven along with the rolls and is placed in the bottom of the basket to keep them toasty on the table.

Set the Table

Occasions 50 Pack Premium Disposable Dinnerware

When it comes to large family gatherings around the holidays, opt for disposable dinnerware. This set will look great on your table, makes cleanup a cinch, and is recyclable.

This gold-rimmed dinnerware set is simple enough to be used any time of year, but still striking enough to stand out during a celebration. The touch of gold is a festive detail, but one that doesn’t make this set exclusive to Christmas dinner.

Gold Utensil Set

You’ve got the special dinnerware—how about some special cutlery to go with it? This gold flatware set will add to the celebratory feel of the meal and pair perfectly with your gold-rimmed plates.

The set includes knives, spoons, and two forks apiece for up to 40 people, making this a great set for dinners with multiple courses. All of the pieces also have a simple design that’ll mesh well with any decor.

Disposable Holiday Napkins

You might choose to go with cloth napkins for a fancier holiday dinner, but that’ll leave you will even more cleanup at the end of the night. Why not go with a disposable option that’s sturdy enough for a full dinner, but easy for guests to toss when they’re done?

These napkins can be used as hand towels, too, so guests can also have their own towel to dry off their hands after using the restroom. Whether you put them in your bathroom or on the table, the design adds a celebratory feel to something most people don’t tend to think twice about, which means you’re going the extra mile!