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Even though the new year is still a few weeks away, we’re definitely thinking about how we’re going to celebrate the arrival of 2018. Many of us opt to go out, but if you and your gang choose to spend the evening at home, that doesn’t have to mean just queuing up Netflix in lieu of a real celebration.

Whether it’s a fun night in with the girls, a game night with the family, or a bigger party with your friends, ringing in the new year at home can still be a blast. Here’s how to make it happen, from your outfit to the decor and more.

Girls’ Night: “New Year, New You” Spa Party

Thinking about ditching the glitz this year for a more intimate gathering with the girls? Celebrate with a chic and cozy party meant to rejuvenate and relax you as you ring in the new year—and the new you. Throw a movie on the TV (how about the appropriately named New Year’s Eve?) and a face mask on your skin as you toast to your health and wellness in the new year.

The Style

Pajama Set

When the theme is meant to be cozy, pajamas are pretty much guaranteed to be part of the dress code. You can have all the girls bring over their favorite pair, or you can give them this cute matching set as a party gift from a night they’ll always remember.

These pajamas come in four different colors, so there’s an option that each of your party guests is bound to love. The set is made from ultra soft fabric and has shorts and short-sleeved tops, so it’s lightweight and won’t make you feel weighed down during the night. If it gets a little too chilly, just throw on a robe to add a little more warmth—and to turn up the spa-like ambiance of your party.

Cozy Socks

If your party is centered around relaxation and the outfit consists of pajamas, regular shoes aren’t going to be the best option for footwear. Keep the cozy theme going with these thick, fleece-lined socks that’ll keep your feet warm as the night goes on.

These socks will add an extra layer of comfort and warmth to your evening thanks to their fluffy interior lining. To add to your spa experience, apply some moisturizing lotion to your feet before you put the socks on for a simple foot treatment that’ll do the work while you celebrate.

Scrunchie Set

Whether you just want your hair out of your face or need it pulled back so you can apply a face mask, a special celebration calls for more than just your everyday ponytail holder.

These velvet hair scrunchies are super soft and colorful, making them the perfect special addition to your girls night in. Because they’re soft, they’ll also be a little more gentle on your hair than your average elastics.

The Gameplan

Aztec Secret Face Mask

Speaking of face masks, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a decent option for your group. With this one jar of Indian Healing Clay, you can mix up a batch of mask large enough for your entire guest list. Even better? The benefits of using this particular product are numerous.

For a mask that’ll help clear out your pores and tighten your skin, just mix some of the clay with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. Then, apply a thick layer to your face, wait for it to dry, and rinse with warm water to reveal refreshed and glowing skin.

Binge Watching Beauty Kit

If you want to go all-out for your relaxing New Year’s bash, this Binge Watching Beauty Kit will help you do get down to business. It’s one box that’s packed with everything for a relaxing night in, including lotion, tissues, toe separators, a nail buffing block, and more. In fact, all you need to add are some snacks and a drink or two—and maybe some nail polish. For a long-lasting option that’s a little less chemical laden than some of the leading brands, give ZOYA a try.

Pedicure Foot Spa

If you’re looking to take your night in to the next level, how about a round of DIY pedicures? This heated foot bath is the perfect way to give yourself and your guests the deluxe treatment from the comfort of your own home.

With massaging rollers, vibrations, and heat, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the nail salon as you prep your feet for a pedicure. The foot bath even comes with three different attachments to scrub and buff your feet while they soak.

The Decor

Himalayan Salt Lamp

To create the perfect ambiance for your party, your regular overhead lights won’t do. Instead, opt for a softer glow with a Himalayan salt lamp, which we bet you’ll decide to leave out all year long.

Essential Oil Diffuser

If you really want to amp up the relaxing feel of your night in, adding some essential oils to the mix will do the trick. The scent of the oils in the air coupled with the fine mist this diffuser–humidifier combo puts out will have you kicking back and breathing easy in no time.

Humidifiers can also help to improve allergy symptoms, keep your sinuses from drying out, and help keep your respiratory system in overall good health. This diffuser will add a good vibe to your festivities but, like that salt lamp, we bet you’ll end up leaving it out all the time.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Odds are you’re going to pour a few drinks at your party, so why not make the presentation extra special for the new year?

These stemless flutes can be customized so that each of your guests will have their own to take home. They’re the perfect glasses for celebrating with a bit of bubbly and kicking off the beginning of a new year with great friends.

Family Game Night

Whether you have kids or just don’t enjoy going out for New Year’s Eve, staying in and having a game night is a great way to have some fun at home. Put on a comfy outfit and set up the games, because you’ll be in for a long night of laughs that you won’t soon forget.

The Style

Dragon Onesie

Settled on a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons for your game night? Or maybe you’ve opted for a movie like How to Train Your Dragon. Either way, you can really get in the spirit with this dragon onesie that’s sure to be a showstopper.

Believe it or not, this suit is actually pretty cozy, and it’ll keep you warm throughout the night without being too heavy. It’s even complete with a hood for when you need the extra warmth (or just a good laugh). If you’re looking for something a little more basic—but still comfortable—check out this pajama set that you can get for the whole family (including the dog).

Game-Themed Socks

Whether you’re playing board games or video games, you shouldn’t let a pair of cold feet interrupt the fun. Before you begin the night, toss on these old-school Mario socks to get in the spirit and keep your feet warm while you’re at it.

These socks are just the right thickness, perfect for wearing around the house or for extra warmth whenever you do decide to venture out.

The Gameplan

What would game night be without having some incredible games to play? You can keep it simple with the classic, suspenseful game of towering blocks, Jenga, or go with Telestrations, which is essentially like playing telephone, but sketching things instead of whispering them to another person.

If you like games that keep you on the edge of your seat, there’s also Suspend, which is like a hanging version of pick-up sticks.

If you want to play something that requires a little more creativity to win, go with Apples to Apples Junior, the kid-friendly version of the raucous party game in which you pair item cards with characteristic cards. You can also try 5 Second Rule, which requires players to answer certain questions as quickly as possible by just saying what’s on their mind.

Family Photo Booth

With all the family together for a fun party, you might as well capture some photos to remember the night. Whether you set up a makeshift photo booth or just take pictures of the family around the table, make things a little more interesting with this prop set, which features mustaches, hats, lips, and more.

When the night is over and the camera is full, you can also commemorate the celebration by putting all of your fun photos into a scrapbook that you can look at for years to come. This option allows you to truly customize each page with fun colors and designs the whole family will love.

Sing-Along Pro

Almost all of us have that one family who loves to belt out whatever song is their favorite at the moment—nonstop. New Year’s Eve might be the time to invite them over and have a little fun, because the Sing-Along Pro will have the entire family singing out their favorite tunes until the sun rises (or at least until the ball drops at midnight).

The Sing-Along Pro is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth karaoke microphone and speaker. It also features fun audio filters and pairs with various karaoke apps. It is sure to provide many hours of entertainment for the whole family.

The Decor

2018 Balloons

The real focus of game night is obviously the games, so there isn’t really too much of a need for complicated decorations. Instead, opt for these fun 2018 mylar balloons to add a pop of something timely and bright into your decor.

Along with your photo booth props, the balloons will serve as a fun background for all the pictures you take in the course of the night.

Party Poppers

When the clock starts to count down and midnight is near, some people reach for a good old pot and wooden spoon to celebrate and make a little noise. While it’s a fun idea, you can also add to the festivities with these confetti poppers that your kids will love.

To get the party popping, all you have to do is take the top off the popper, hold the tube with one hand, and use the other to push the plunger out. The best part? You can reuse these poppers by adding your own colorful confetti (or gathering and saving the silver and gold).

Glitz & Glam Party

Not interested in ringing in the new year in a club, but still want to achieve that glamorous feeling? Bring the club to you with a fun night of food, drinks, and dancing right in your own home.

The Style

Sequin Romper

Glitzy New Year’s Eve attire is all about the sparkle, but some of us want to go beyond the standard cocktail dress. If that’s you, we’ve found it in this gorgeous dark green romper that’s giving off some serious mermaid vibes.

This piece is both functional and fashionable, complete with a plunging neckline and open back detail. You’ll be sure to turn heads, all while remaining cozy and comfortable throughout the night.

Velvet Heel

A night of glitz requires a show-stopping shoe, but your feet don’t have to be decked out in diamonds to get the job done.

These simple velvet heels may not be flashy, but the bold, chunky heel does a lot to make these shoes stand out. The soft fabric will also give them a little edge over any other black shoe you have in your closet, making these a standout for any party that requires a little something extra.

Statement Necklace

Any event centered around glitz and glam deserves a bold piece of jewelry to go along with the outfit, and you can get something flashy and fun without breaking the bank.

This chunky rhinestone necklace will top off your look and add a good hint of sparkle without being too gaudy. The best part? You can get it for under $20, a price that’s well worth it since you’re going to wear this again and again.

The Gameplan

Serving Tray

Whether you’re putting together a full dinner or small bites for your guests, you’ll want to serve in style. However, there’s no need to get too fancy, because this affordable serving tray is somehow both casual and completely elegant, making it perfect for your event.

Made of both wood and marble, each tray will be completely unique, making this a piece that’s truly different from anything else you have. It’s sleek enough for a fancier occasion, but still durable enough to be used every day.

New Year’s Eve Table Setting

Instead of busting out fancy dinnerware that could get broken throughout the night—or that you’ll have to wash when the party’s over—why not settle on some disposable dinnerware that really embodies the celebration itself?

This set comes with everything you need to serve 16 people—napkins, plates, and flatware. The best part? You can move elegantly throughout your night without worrying about anything breaking, and your guests can toss things in the trash when they’re done.

Portable Speaker

When a night of dancing is part of the agenda, you can’t rely on someone’s iPhone or computer to take care of the music all by itself.

This speaker set may be small, but the sound quality is mighty and for under $30, it’s totally worth it. Just  connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and you’ll have your favorite music playing in no time.

The Decor

Cocktail Napkins

When guests arrive and start to grab their drinks, you’ll want to have something available to manage drips and spills. Buying disposable coasters for a big party could get expensive, so why not go for some festive cocktail napkins instead?

These pretty napkins from Paper Source are the perfect addition to any celebration, especially one on New Year’s Eve. The gold foil design will make them stand out and give your party an unexpected touch of understated glitz thanks to a thoughtful and useful paper product.

Confetti Champagne Flutes

What better drinkware to go with your festive napkins than these fun gold confetti glasses?

Simple enough to be used everyday but still glamorous enough to be pulled out for a special occasion, these fun flutes will be perfect for a toast of bubbly at the end of the night.

Tassel Banner

Your decor doesn’t have to end with the plates and drinkware. Keep the black and gold theme going with this DIY tassel wall hanging that you may wind up deciding to keep up all year long.

The tassels come pre-twisted, so all you’ll have to do a string them along the included twine and hang the banner up wherever you’d like. It’ll make a fun, simple photo backdrop, or just a festive decoration for the event.