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Though summer was fun and full of sunny days, relaxed evenings, and fun vacations, there’s nothing quite like fall. The temperatures drop, the leaves change colors, and nights around a bonfire become a thing once more.

Of course, with cooler temperatures comes the need to stow away your summer clothes and bust out the long sleeves and jackets. However, if last year’s staples just aren’t making the cut this time around, giving your fall look an overhaul doesn’t have to mean spending your entire paycheck. Check out these affordable pieces for fall that’ll give your wardrobe the update it needs.

The Textured Look

Faux Suede Jacket

Looking for the perfect jacket to transition into the fall season without heaping on anything that’s too heavy? This jacket is exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s available in our favorite colors for the season—bordeaux, parchment, toffee, whiskey, dark olive, and thunderstorm—any of which can be incorporated seamlessly into your every look.

The faux suede material gives this jacket a lower price point, but don’t think for one second that means it’ll look cheap. With its zipper closure and zip up pockets, this jacket will become your new favorite accessory that’ll keep you warm and stylish on chilly fall days.

Button-Front Corduroy Skirt

Most of us can remember having at least one item of clothing that was made of corduroy when we were kids. If you’re like us, it was an oddly-colored pair of pants or overalls that made a swishing sound when you moved, making it impossible to walk without alerting everyone around you that you were up and about. Don’t worry, though—the corduroy of your childhood has gotten an upgrade.

Despite any awkward experiences you had as a kid, corduroy is a fabric with a very autumnal vibe, making it perfect for this high-waisted skirt. With its button-front, seamed detailing and front pockets, this will be a cute addition to any fall outfit worn on its own, or with tights on a colder day.

Sam Edelman Round Toe Pumps

With fall comes the return of dark, vampy colors and intricate patterns that would’ve seemed too moody for summer. These heels are the best of both worlds, and they’re even available in multiple colors and patterns for anyone who wants a basic heel to go with anything.

With a 3.3-inch heel and a rounded toe, you may even be surprised at how comfy they can be. You can dress them up or down to give a pop to any outfit, and the chunky heel is a unique feature that’ll have you turning to these pumps again and again.


Faux Leather Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for kids, but it can be hard to find an affordable option that doesn’t make you look like you’re on your way to high school. This option, however, is the perfect backpack to replace your everyday purse, and buying it definitely won’t break the bank.

This faux-leather backpack is great for anyone who’s looking to get away from the standard shoulder bag, but doesn’t need that much space for their everyday essentials. With plenty of interior pockets, you’ll have no trouble staying organized throughout the day, not to mention that the neutral black color and gold hardware can be paired with just about anything.

Convertible Backpack

If you’re not really into black accessories, this faux-leather backpack comes in a variety of colors so that anyone can find their new favorite fall bag. Our personal favorites? The rich wine-colored burgundy and the smooth chestnut brown.

Though this bag is primarily designed to be a backpack, it can actually be worn in a number of ways. The straps can be readjusted so the entire thing can be worn as a shoulder bag, or you can just grab it by the top handle, making it a perfect staple bag to turn to on the fly.

Floral Backpack

If you’re looking for a more traditional backpack for either school or work, why go with something plain? This cute floral backpack packs a punch, yet is manages to stay neutral enough to not seem too busy.

It can hold a lot, too, so you’ll be able to fit all your school or work accessories in without any worry. It’s actually large enough that it can hold a 15-inch laptop. It’s also got plenty of interior pockets so your stuff will stay right where you want it to, and there’s even a space on the side for your favorite water bottle.


Fringe Bootie

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear anyone say that they’re on a never-ending hunt to find the perfect fall bootie because there are so many options out there. However, if fringe is your thing, these may just be the perfect fit for you.

With an antique-style zipper detailing and fun fringe, these booties are simple enough to be worn with any outfit, but edgy enough to be dressed up. They come in both camel brown and black, and have a mid-range heel that makes them comfy enough to wear anytime.

Fringe Blanket Scarf

If you’re a scarf person, you know that it’s impossible to have too many of them. They’re the perfect cool weather accessory, and so easy to add to any outfit for a colorful touch that also keeps you warm.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect new scarf to add to your collection, this find will fit the bill. It’s large enough to be used as either a scarf or shawl depending on how cold it is, and it’s available in a few different neutral colors that you can pair with anything. Oh, and there’s also the subtle fringe detailing on the outer edge that helps this scarf stand out among the rest.

Midi Dresses

Flora Midi Dress

It can be hard to find a dress that seamlessly transitions from summer to fall, or vice versa. When the temperatures start to dip, anything meant for summer just doesn’t cut it in terms of coverage, and all of your fall favorites feel too heavy when things start to heat back up.

Luckily, this dress is at home between the two seasons, giving you the coverage you need for cooler weather but the breathability you still need at the end of summer. It can easily be paired with tights or layered under a jacket for cooler days, and the embroidered pattern makes it stand out among your other staple dresses—no matter the season.

Midi Dress with Pockets

Looking for the perfect dress that you can both wear on its own or with accessories when you need to dress up? We’ve found it for you, and we bet you’ll do a double take when you see the price.

With three-quarter sleeves, a rounded neckline, and a hemline that hits just below the knee, you’ll want to wear this cute and cozy dress every single day of the week. You actually can if you really wanted, too—it’s available in 27 colors, so it’s guaranteed you’ll find a shade that fits your style.


Wool Floppy Hat

Hats aren’t just for summer, but it can be difficult to find the perfect hat for fall that isn’t just your average beanie. Though you might think wide-brimmed hats are just for sunny days at the beach, this is one that has fall written all over it.

Made from 100 percent wool, this floppy hat is the perfect touch to finish off any autumn outfit. The brim is smaller so it doesn’t have too much of a summer feel, and the small ribbon detail around the base is the perfect finishing touch. With four color options, you can go light or dark to suit whichever look you’re going for on a given day.

Felt Panama Hat

Imagine a cowboy hat mixed with a fedora, mixed with a wide-brimmed hat and the resulting image probably doesn’t seem too appealing. However, that’s exactly what this hat is, and you might be surprised to see how stunning the combination truly is.

The Panama hat is the perfect accessory to top off any fall outfit, and you’ve got four neutral colors to choose from. This hat could easily finish off your look on a more casual day, or become part of a more dramatic outfit with ease. The faux leather band at the base will set this hat apart from any you have in your collection, and we’re confident you’ll reach for it over and over again.

The Oversized Sweater

Knit High/Low Sweater

Oversized is definitely in, but it can be tough to straddle the line between a look that’s just right and one that becomes frumpy. However, this sweater does the oversized look the right way and it’s so perfect that you’ll want to add every single color to your shopping cart.

This beauty will be your new favorite when it comes to work, school, or even just spending a lazy day at home. The uneven hem and v-neck give this sweater a more relaxed feel, and the long sleeves will help keep you warm on even the coolest of days.

Knit Cardigan Sweater

There’s nothing like a chunky, knit sweater for those cool fall days, and this one checks all the right boxes.

Loose, relaxed fit? Yep. Lightweight fabric that’s still heavy enough to keep you warm? Check. Side pockets so you can carry your phone and keys hands-free while on a crisp evening walk? Yeah, it’s got those, too. It’s also the perfect length so it looks cozy without coming across as sloppy. Do yourself a favor and add this piece to your fall wardrobe rotation, STAT.