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Every year during the second week of May, students across the country celebrate their educators and all they do during Teacher Appreciation Week. The pinnacle of the festivities, Teacher Appreciation Day, falls on May 8 and is the perfect opportunity to show your favorite teacher (or any educator in your life) how much they mean to you. Although the days of surprising your favorite teacher with a fresh apple on their desk have passed, we’ve got the perfect selection of fun gifts to give your or your child’s favorite teacher that they’ll not only love, but actually use.

Gift Cards

Not quite sure what to get your teacher or even what they like? You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Pick up a card from their favorite store if you know it, but don’t sweat it if you don’t. We’d recommend going with a store where anyone can find something they’ll love like Starbucks, Target, or Amazon—Amazon even offers three-packs if you need a gift for more than one teacher. To add a special touch, we love these printable gift card holders from Etsy, perfect for personalizing your gift and maybe even giving your teacher a laugh.

Summer Relaxation Kit

Students aren’t the only ones excited for summer vacation. Teachers are likely counting down the days until they can take a break, sleep in a bit, and truly relax. Creating a fun summer relaxation kit won’t just serve as a token of your appreciation, but it will also help your favorite teacher prepare for the summer of their dreams.

Start with the gift of a mani or pedi at their favorite local salon (we love scouring Groupon for the best deals!) and maybe even add their favorite nail polish for touch-ups. Complete the kit with a cute beach towel and toss it all in a fun beach tote so your favorite teacher is all set for a great summer.


Teacher Survival Kit

Even with summer in their sights, teachers still have a long road ahead of them until the last school bell of the year finally rings. To help get them through that last month or so, gift them with the ultimate teacher survival kit to make their days—and even nights—a little easier to handle. You can even have other students (or parents) pitch in for a collaborative effort.

  • For the morning—Whether it’s coffee or tea, every teacher starts off their day with their beverage of choice. Include a mug to help them start the school day off right.
  • For planning the week—Brighten up your teacher’s desk and help them stay organized with this colorful desktop planner.
  • For the in-between—Teachers are on a tight schedule, and it doesn’t often leave them much time to deal with personal matters. Whether it’s that they forgot to put on deodorant, they need a pen, or they spilled coffee on themselves, this mini emergency kit made just for teachers contains everything they’ll need to handle any situation quickly.
  • Throw in a little humor—Start your teacher’s day off with a laugh with this hilarious desk sign that’s sure to brighten up their morning.
  • For 3:30 p.m. and beyond—A teacher’s day doesn’t end when the school bell rings. Give them a unique printable label to shake up a wine night or a clever wooden bottle tag that they can use to dress up their bottles.


Personalized Gifts

If you know your teacher well enough to add a personal touch, we’re all for choosing a gift that fits their personality and interests.

  • For the teacher who loves to travel, gift them a personalized luggage tag. We love this one because you can include your child’s own handwritten message on the tag, which makes for a sweet, truly one-of-a-kind gift.
  • If your teacher loves to break a sweat or get outdoors during their downtime, a S’well water bottle makes a perfect gift. You can either have S’Well personalize the bottle with your teacher’s name or initials, or you can get this decal from Etsy. If you’re looking for a smaller gift that’s still got a personal touch, get your teacher a note pad with a unique pattern that can even be personalized with their name.